We’re campaigning to make climate denial and misinformation unprofitable

Stop Funding Heat was formed in 2020 following the remarkable successes of Stop Funding Hate, which, backed by thousands of people and brands, has overseen a marked reduction in the number of hateful headlines and articles in the UK.

Stop Funding Heat is a group of people concerned at the way newspapers, news sites and online platforms spread climate lies in the pursuit of sales, clicks or vested interests. Advertisers are a major part of this business model, funding the denial and misinformation being printed and posted every day. But when they are informed about this, they pull their funding, and the editorial lines change.

Stop Funding Heat is a campaign mainly powered by volunteers, created by not-for-profit Reliable Media. Click here to get involved!


We’re taking on climate denial in The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Daily Express, GB News and Talk Radio by defunding them. But we need YOUR help to grow a more long-term, grassroots support base for this fightback.

Recently UK media have been telling readers, viewers and listeners, that climate change is not that bad, that current government action is harmful, that we should introduce fracking, usually at expense of renewable, and that environmental protesters are out of touch and we should punish them heavily (even suggesting we deport them to Rwanda.)

We can defund these toxic “stories” by getting brands to withdraw their funding. Based on the highly successful Stop Funding Hate model, our small team has been tirelessly tracking attacks on climate action for months. We’ve been encouraging supporters to find the brands they shop with that advertise alongside these articles and TV/radio shows and let them know. The brands, who spend millions boasting their clean credentials, and want to avert climate disaster as much as us, usually pull their adverts. This works – with media changing their editorial lines as a result. Together we can build a media that will report accurately and transparently on the climate crisis, for the benefit of all.