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Stop Funding Heat is a grassroots campaign concerned by the way that newspapers, news websites and social media platforms spread climate lies in the pursuit of sales, clicks or vested interests. 

Advertisers are a major part of this business model. Intentionally or not, advertisers fund the climate denial and misinformation that’s printed and posted every single day. 

But fortunately, the companies we shop with care about what their customers think. The more of us that speak up and call out brands that advertise alongside climate misinformation, the stronger our collective voice will be. 

Here’s how to follow and get involved with the campaign:

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4. Spotted climate denial or misinformation in the papers or online? Take a photo or screenshot and submit it here.

You can also download and save our supporter toolkit, which provides a detailed guide on how you can help make climate denial and misinformation unprofitable — available here

Get involved

In the UK, it’s an election year. A time when, in Ofcom’s own words, ‘the stakes are even higher’. Ofcom must hold all channels to a high standard and sanction those who break the rules. Submit your complaint now: