Be part of the campaign

The companies we shop with and the apps and services we use online care about what their customers think. The more of us that speak up and call out brands that advertise alongside climate misinformation, the stronger our collective voice will be. 

  • Sign the Petition to Facebook – Our latest report has revealed that Facebook is not acting on climate misinformation on its platform. Tell Facebook to clean up its act on climate denial
  • Campaign with us online – take screenshots of any advertisers you see next to climate denial on online press or social platforms. Tweet it to the advertisers, asking them to stop their online advertising for these sites or platforms. Remember to tag @stopfundingheat and keep it polite and friendly. If you want more specific guidance, email us or DM us on social.
  • Tell us your successes – If a company gets back in touch with you, please let us know! Email
  • Join our Facebook Group – Despite calling out Facebook for their climate misinformation failures, we do still use the platform … for now. Join our Facebook Group to hear about the campaign, discuss issues, lend your skills and more. If you want to propose a better alternative, let us know!
  • Volunteer –  Stop Funding Hate volunteers do research, lend their experience, create content for social media, help maintain our website and so on. Please email us at if you want to help out. Just tell us a little bit about yourself, your skills and how much time you might have