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The Community-Led Database on Fossil Fuel Adverts

Climate misinformation is rife on social media and other online platforms. These platforms have been found to profit directly from this activity, taking money to advertise climate misinformation to millions. 

But measuring exactly how much money platforms directly make is hard, sometimes impossible. Our 2023 report “Cashing in on Climate Delay” revealed that social media advertising is a “black box”. Most platforms do not provide an advertising library, and no platform enforces consistent rules on transparency. Using the example of the fossil fuel industry, even Facebook and Instagram, with the most comprehensive library, have significant holes in reporting making it impossible to know the total sums they take for greenwashing on the platform.


Social Networks

Meta: Many but not all fossil fuel promotions visible. Library hard to navigate.

Google: Library only shows adverts strictly about elections. Few fossil fuel adverts visible.

LinkedIn: Adverts visible chronologically on Company Pages. No library. No spending information.

TikTok: Library only shows most popular adverts for inspiration. No spend data. No fossil fuel adverts visible.

Twitter & Pinterest: No advertising transparency.

This is where you come in...

We’ve set up Greenwashdog to help track fossil fuel industry adverts occurring on major social media platforms, so we can build a library of our own. Whenever you see a fossil fuel advert, submit it to Greenwashdog and we’ll expose it to the world.

In this way, we can hold the fossil fuel and big tech industries accountable for their secretive content denying climate change and delaying climate action, harming millions along the way.

Get involved by submitting your first advert below!

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