Who are we?

What we do

Stop Funding Heat is a community-driven climate action campaign, based on a philosophy of open, inclusive and participatory campaigning.

Stop Funding Heat’s mission is to advance governmental and corporate climate action by making climate denial and misinformation unprofitable.

Our core values are truth, campaigning effectiveness and human rights. Our work is aligned with the principles and policies of the international human rights movement. We oppose all forms of discrimination without exception. We are committed to ensuring that all of our activities are consistent with the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who we are

Stop Funding Heat is a brand created by a group of volunteers and campaigners, occasionally making use of funding for specific projects. We currently have no staff members and no headquarters.

The Stop Funding Hate Board members are:

Colin Baines

Colin is an Investment Engagement Manager at the Friends Provident Foundation and previously was an Ethics Adviser and Campaigns Manager at the Co-op Bank and Co-op Group. He has given evidence to House of Commons select committee and has sat on several government, business and university advisory groups.

Alexandra Parsons

Alex has worked in the voluntary sector since 2005. She currently manages the Public Engagement Fund at Wellcome Trust, and formerly worked for organisations including British Red Cross and Child Poverty Action Group. She also works as an academic, researching cultural responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis, and teaches gender and sexuality studies and literature at University College London.

Richard Wilson

Richard is the Director and co-founder of Stop Funding Hate, and sits on the Board as an Executive Director. He previously worked in fundraising for Amnesty International UK and the Child Poverty Action Group, and has been involved in human rights campaigning since 2001. Richard is the author of two books – Titanic Express (2006) and Don’t Get Fooled Again (2008).

Rosey Ellum

Rosey is one of the co-founders of Stop Funding Hate. She is on the Board as an Executive Director and is also employed as Digital Manager for the campaign. She has worked in human rights for a number of years, in the UK and Latin America, specialising in digital communications and fundraising.