Scroll down or use the quick links below to see examples of climate change misinformation in the News.

GB News

GB News show us time and again that they do not align with action on climate change mitigation initiatives. And, when fact checked on their climate misinformation, they remain silent. The biggest question here is why is Sky News – a “principal partner” of COP26 and claiming to work towards Net Zero 2030 – continuing to financially support GBNews?


The Daily Telegraph and the Telegraph Online regularly post content on the cost of the government’s Net Zero policies without ever mentioning the economic cost and cost of life of not acting on climate change.


The Daily Express regularly publishes pieces undermining and sometimes directly attacking climate change activists, as well as only focusing on the economic costs of Net Zero and not the costs of not taking climate action.


Sp!ked has made many attacks on the climate change community – including Stop Funding Heat – particularly around falsifying the costs of renewable energy.

The Mail

The Mail online often works to vilify climate change activists in its news reports. It also spreads misinformation that the fuel crisis and rising energy prices is primarily due to the move towards renewable energy.

The Spectator

The Spectator regularly presents new stories that question whether extreme weather is caused by climate change – a subtler problematic narrative and once again, spreading fear over the costs of becoming NetZero rather than highlighting the larger costs of not becoming NetZero.