Brand Messaging Guide

The companies we shop with and the services we use online care about what their customers think. And many would be deeply uncomfortable to find out their advertising budget is being used to help fund climate misinformation. The more of us that speak up and call out the brands that advertise alongside climate misinformation, the stronger our collective voice will be.

You can use these template messages to inform brands that they are funding climate misinformation.

Template 1

Hi @BrandName, as a loyal customer, I am really unhappy to see this advert in the ____________. Please can you review your ad policies? @StopFundingHeat

Template 2 

Hello @BrandName, I wanted to make you aware that your advertising is funding climate misinformation. As a brand that has sustainability promises, will you review your ad policies? @StopFundingHeat

Template 3

Dear @BrandName, I care deeply about climate change which is why I was disappointed to see your brand advertising in ________ next to climate misinformation stories. Will you review your ad policies? @StopFundingHeat

Tips on how to craft your message

Keep it polite

Brands generally don’t choose which articles their advertisements appear alongside, so it’s important that we politely let them know. Also, companies are much more likely to respond to a polite message from a concerned customer.

Make it personal

We’ve found that companies are more likely to respond if you give them a bit of a personal background on why you’re asking them to change their advertising practices.

Ask for a commitment

Ask the company to withdraw its advertising and commit to changing their advertising practices. They may or may not commit, but this will clearly indicate that you’re serious about holding them to account.

Ask for a response

You might not have enough characters to do this on social media but it’s worth making clear that you’d like them to consider your message and respond.

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Greenwash Dog

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