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First up, gather your evidence. If you see a specific news article that spreads climate denial or misinformation like the ones below, look for the advertisements posted alongside it.

Take a screenshot — to do this on Windows tap ‘PrtSc’ and on Apple press ‘Command + Shift + 4.

Once you’ve got your screenshot, you can check out our messaging guide for handy templates.

Daily Express Net Zero Stories

Good God! Is Britain really going to jail people who disagree with net zero?

Rishi Sunak just threw five ridiculous net zero pledges on the scrapheap in major U-turn

Net zero has been adopted as religious dogma by the BBC, says Andrea Jenkyns

Anger as UK householders to face net zero penalties over their domestic gas use

Drive for Net Zero is economic suicide, says Esther Krakue

Mad rush for Net Zero makes us a laughing stock around the world, says Esther McVey

Medieval net zero policies will take the UK back to the dark ages, warns Lord Frost

Net Zero Britain would mean 90,000 more electricity pylons – Sarah Williams

Net Zero ‘stuck in cloud cuckoo land’ due to ‘astronomical’ costs, say senior Tories

Revealed: How you’re being left worse off by No 10’s green policies

Net zero to blame for Bank of England’s inflation mistakes, suggests former boss Lord King

Energy boss issues dire warning as net zero rush tipped to raise bills with new crisis

End costly pursuit of these arbitrary Net Zero deadlines says, Sir Iain Duncan Smith

Heat pump fury as people in rural hotspots hit with £45,000 bills to replace oil heating

Energy boss issues dire warning as net zero rush tipped to raise bills with new crisis

What China is and isn’t doing on net zero with carbon emissions 30 times worse than UK

Rishi is right not to take a knee to virtue-signalling eco-zealots, says Jonathan Gullis

Let’s all agree that Net Zero is a silly idea, says James Whale

King Charles faces eco fury over private jet use in 400-mile trip for Net Zero meeting

‘Electric cars have ruined our lives and we want them gone from our town’