GB News Ofcom Complaints

GB News’s financial losses are soaring — but even with a whopping £42 million annual loss, there’s no sign of them changing their tune.

But fortunately the UK media regulator, Ofcom, is under growing pressure to finally hold GB News to account. GB News has been found to break Ofcom’s fairness and impartiality rules 12 times in the past 18 months, with 8 more investigations underway. 

GB News is now officially “on notice” by the regulator — but if Ofcom is prepared to take their job seriously, then they have real power they can wield. Ofcom has the power to suspend or revoke GB News’s licence to broadcast. 

It’s time that Ofcom started taking these repeated rule violations seriously. That’s why Stop Funding Heat supporters are coming together to make sure that GB News’s harmful commentary on climate change is brought to Ofcom’s attention. 

This page will be continuously updated with new examples of rule violations, and Stop Funding Heat supporters are encouraged to save this page to their bookmarks.